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Marble restoration services in Astoria, Long Island & Manhattan, NY

Marble creates a touch of elegance in any room so in order to preserve its beauty, you need to hire professionals to maintain it properly. We at Johnnystonework do our best to follow the best standards, so never think twice and contact us to discuss your project. We are considered to be a top marble restoration company NY as we provide a special approach to each person.

Our service technicians are highly-trained and have many years of experience with every type of natural stone – including marble as well as many other natural stones. Due to the stone and marble restoration NY we provide as well as expert techniques and attention to detail, we guarantee you the best results. Our commitment is what sets us apart from the rest, so anytime you need marble stone restoration NY just call our staff.

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The process of classic marble and stone restoration NY

We offer affordable marble restoration NY and our process begins with a full inspection of the surface to be restored. After inspecting the damaged area, we determine which method is best for you. We opt for the most appropriate course of action based on the condition of the stone.

If the stone is severely damaged, we will have to remove the old finish completely and start everything from scratch. In most cases, however, we will provide a light cleaning and polishing service. Our marble care restoration experts will use a wide range of techniques and tools to achieve the desired results. Our methods are various and can include:

  • Sanding
  • Honing
  • Grinding
  • Chemical treatment

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You can gain a number of benefits if you opt for stone restoration NYC.

  • It can help you improve the appearance of the stone. It will look like new again.
  • You will increase the value of your home.
  • Marble restoration NYC can help to protect stone from further damage.
  • The restoration will extend the lifespan of marble
  • It will prevent costly repairs in the future.

Trust our marble restorer NY because he is specialized in repairing marble. The whole staff is professional enough and can help you get rid of light spots and scratches. We also offer marble countertop restoration NY at reasonable rates. Trust our expertise and we will exceed your expectations. Our company serves both the kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs of residential and commercial clients. Everything is based upon request.


You can expect the following process if you deal with us to restore the natural beauty of your marble stone. First we discuss the project with our clients. This helps us to assess the condition of your stone. We will then provide you with a suitable quote for the restoration process. If you approve the quote, we start the process by cleaning and etching the surface to create a good bonding surface for the new sealer. After that, we apply a penetrating sealer which helps reduce absorption and prevents cracking. The duration of our restoration process typically depends on the size of the property. Just contact us and let us leave your home looking like new again.